Monday, June 29, 2009

done stampedin’…

As promised from my last post, here are the updates from Country Stampede from Saturday and Sunday. Tim McGraw was totally awesome to see in person, but Phil Vassar put on the best show!

First, Wade Bowen. Oh how I love him. DSCI0131DSCI0130
Robin and I got a picture with Wade, but we took it on her camera, so I’ll have to get it from her later and post it! I updated my music and this is him singing as well.

Then, Jack Ingram:DSCI0135

Blake Shelton…really amazing too!        DSCI0136 (2) 

Oh curly hair and dimples.  Can’t go wrong. :) I won’t let Ronny see this post. :) DSCI0137 (2)    

DSCI0151 (2) Oh how well those jeans fit… (I really wasn’t trying to take this picture, he just turned at the right time. ;)  )DSCI0150 (2) 

But the MOST IMPORTANT part of Saturday was Miss Em’s 20th birthday!! Happy birthday little sis!! (*pinch pinch*)DSCI0126

On Sunday were the Bellamy Brothers, The Lost Trailers, Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar (in order of appearance)…and you know, I ragged on Kellie Pickler in my last post b/c she is a PETA supporter, but I have to give it to her that she is just too dang cute! That’s the only nice thing I’ll say, Mandy!! :)
    DSCI0129 (2) 

     DSCI0135 (2)

 DSCI0136 (3) DSCI0137 (3) P.S. Mel (twin) if you’re reading this, I think you look a lot like Kellie…but prettier and way sexier for eating BEEF!!!

DSCI0146 (2) DSCI0138 (2) DSCI0139 (2)

And one final shot of our group who survived!!DSCI0131 (2)

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