Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my favorite part about…

… wedding planning is this great little Web site called WeddingWire.

It gives me a great To-Do list, and tells me how many tasks I have yet to complete:wedding1


But the BEST part is this little thing:


As I complete tasks…the little bride (a.k.a…me) gets closer to the little groom! (a.k.a… Ronny).

I know this is simple, but it is one of the little things that makes me smile and keeps me sane in this busy time. :) 

Future brides…check this site out! Oh..and check out my wedding Web site here that I created on the site!

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Crystal Young said...

Kelsey, you'll have to post your wedding website so I can check it out! Also I am passing on your tip to Emilie.