Monday, March 7, 2011

Not enough sunshine

I was in Florida this week for the annual Commodity Classic – a national convention for corn, wheat, soybean and sorghum growers. It was very nice being in 75-degree weather, but I definitely didn’t soak in enough.

I was excited to see some crew teams practicing in the Bay. For a minute, I really missed it – but then they started racing patterns and that ended it!DSC_0004

We were in meetings or indoors the majority of the time, but the RiverWalk was really nice to stroll down, enjoy the weather and sites, and just feel relaxed by the swaying palm trees.


The four of us Corn Board gals had a great time together, too!DSC_0039 - CopyDSC_0048DSC_0023 Most of all, it was really nice not having to wear a coat. But as soon as we got back to Nebraska, it started snowing…..back to reality!

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