Friday, June 22, 2012


I’ve been traveling a little bit the last week for a visit home to Colorado for Father’s Day and for Board meetings in Western Nebraska. Here is my collection of Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks!

I made lemon bars for my dad for Fathers Day and guess what I forgot to buy at the store? Yes, a lemon. So yes, I went to the store for one lemon.

Before heading out to Colorado, a nasty storm came through Seward. We had dime and nickel sized hail and Ronny felt compelled to run out in it to get the big pieces. Silly guy.

We ended up getting 4.2” of rain, and no - that is not supposed to be a pond.

Out in Colorado, I had fun playing with Remy – he is such a sophisticated ranch dog!

I got to see all of the pretty Red Angus cattle – the purple tags are my heifers.

We had some excitement on the ranch.  A train going through was dragging something and it caught on the road crossing and derailed over 12 cars full of coal. Did you know each car weighs 100 tons? That’s a lot of metal to stop moving! I have more pictures I’ll blog about later. There was also a fire that my dad help put out – scary being it is so dry out there.

When I got back to the office this week, I had a new chair waiting for me….it is so much easier to sit for longer periods of time with a nice chair. I have named him “Hulk”. :)


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