Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Details 2013

I am a shoe person.

And when I say that, I mean I don’t like walking around barefoot – I wear shoes all the time.

It could be because my parents are shoe people and always wear shoes around the house, although I don’t believe my siblings do…(I’ll have to ask them). Or it could be because I have extremely high arches in my feet and it just hurts them to walk barefoot without my orthotics.

I preface my story with this because as I was putting on my house shoes (aka Crocs) this morning getting ready after I put my socks on, I felt like there was a large lint ball in my sock, but I figured it would move enough when I put my boots on later.

It didn’t. But I needed to get out the door so I just walked on it. Walked on it 4 blocks from parking to work. Walked on it around work in the morning and walked on it to a lunch meeting 4 blocks away and back.  I finally took the time to take my boot off to get the large lint ball. To my surprise, I found this pin. Yes, I was walking on that all day.

My first thought was to call myself an idiot. I was! That was an idiot move – why didn’t I take time to just figure out what the problem was this morning when it first bothered me. I didn’t take the time.

I wasn’t going to resolve to do anything this year (except drink more water – more of a health goal than anything), so I decided this was a good lesson that teaches me to pay attention to details – and take the time to get something done at the time it needs done.

I also want to do things that are meaningful to people I care about. I recently received a subscription to Taste of Home’s simple & delicious magazine from my friend Lori. She didn’t’ have to do this, but she did because she is such a great friend.

Lastly, I want to dig into to God’s Word and focus my heart on Him.

So here’s to 2013!

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