Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafting time

I received a great birthday present. Yes, back in October. And I’ve been using it since then! Using it enough that I haven’t taken any pictures.

So here it is, my awesome crafting table that I received from my parents.DSC03472

It is TrueCut Crafting Table from The Grace Company and is a multi-level, multi-sized table that can change heights, and both sides fold down. Most importantly, it is on wheels, so I can move it around my craft room, yet fold it down to conserve space in our small basement room. DSC03475

I set it at mid-waist height so I would not have to bend over to do all of my cutting. And it has been a back saver! And the shelves are perfect to keep my fabric scrap baskets and spools of thread.

I also like where I have it positioned next to my sewing machine. I’m working on a large quilt right now, so I can easily lay the extra fabric on the table or the first shelf and it doesn’t drag down to the floor.

My sewing area isn’t glamorous, but it works great for me and I’m so grateful for this extra piece that adds so much to one of my favorite hobbies. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!!