Friday, March 15, 2013

A perk in my week.

Work has been a little consuming this past week getting ready for board meetings, committee meetings, FFA convention, workshops, students events I’m mentoring, strategic planning planning, CommonGround planning, and gearing up for Ag Week next week.

But I did have a perk in my week…beautiful, springy flowers from RFD-TV!

Five other things to be grateful for this week:

5. A great new Bible study to dig into this week on really listening to God.

4. Spending time shopping with Mom last weekend. :)

3. “All-you-can-eat dairy-products” Day. That’s what I call the Nebraska Dairy Convention.

2. A warm afternoon walk with a friend and our dogs.

1. A weekend to look forward to in Manhappiness!

Happy Friday!

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