Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby loved the beach

Our family took a much needed, relaxing vacation to Cape Cod this month. We rented a house on Seconsett Island in Mashpee, which was in walking distance to a beach and a lake area, and a short driving distance to many local sites.

I’ll blog about the whole trip soon, but first, a big surprise for me: baby loved the beach!


He just put his hands right in the sand and started digging and playing with it. We had to keep his paci in, otherwise he would try to eat it. :)


He didn’t mind that the water was cool at all. He splashed and kicked and crawled all around.

IMG_6124  IMG_6292
IMG_6289  IMG_6287

My favorite picture. Beach crack. :)
IMG_6282  IMG_6114
IMG_6121  IMG_6115
 20140706_174205 20140706_174208 IMG_6105

View more pictures from the vacation here.

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Melissa said...

He looks like he had so much fun, which means fun for momma and dad!