Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chisum–12 months

Wow, what a fast year! Yet it was so fun, full of challenges and joy at the same time. We had so much fun celebrating at your big party.
DSC06434 - Copy

On September 8 of this year, one day before Chisum’s birthday, I felt anxious remembering what we were about to step into, one year prior. I was really worried about how I would feel/react on Chisum’s birthday. My heart would race every time I thought about it, but I laid it on God and he gave me peace all day. Not once was I emotional or overcome with anxiety. I could truly enjoy the day focusing on my beautiful baby boy who was one year old!

Chisum, you have grown into such an amazing little boy – no more baby in this household!
Chisum 1 Month  DSC06434 - Copy

You are super independent. You dad always gives me a look from the corner of his eye and says, “I wonder where he gets that from!” Hey – it’s good to be independent! ;) You don’t want me to hold your hand when you walk and you want to run everywhere.
DSC06366  DSC06489

You’re really into food – and feeding yourself of course. Our neighbor, Jean, brought you your own birthday cake and  you devoured it. You eat pretty much everything we do, but you especially love your peas, cottage cheese, any type of hamburger or meat casserole and bananas. And cake, of course.DSC06357

You also like walking around the house eating “O’s” – or feeding Hank, whichever makes you laugh more. Hank follows you around when you get your snack cup and picks up what you drop or eats whatever you hand him. You two have become buds. Or maybe he is just tolerating you pulling on his ears and hair knowing that you’ll feed him snacks.
DSC06378  DSC06389DSC06395  DSC06399

We got to visit Auntie Em in Olathe. You really liked her playground!

DSC06406  DSC06409DSC06414

On our way home, we stopped to visit Baby John and Melissa & Todd!John & Chisum

You went to your first rodeo! {River City Rodeo in Omaha}. You liked pointing at all of the horses.
DSC06416  DSC06418DSC06420  DSC06421

And we got to see Lori and Piqua!

Also while at the River City Rodeo, you got to be in your first parade. You waved from inside the truck while dad drove and mom walked. You’ve really started mastering your wave! Because the next weekend at the Limon Homecoming parade, you waved the whole time.
limon homecoming parade1

Your best friend these days is your paci. I don’t know why it is, but you are really good at throwing a downright fit when you don’t get your paci when you want it. I have to admit you’re pretty darn cute when you pout. I try not to laugh. :)

DSC06444  DSC06448DSC06450  DSC06472

I do get good cuddles from you after your little fit which I’ll take any day. DSC06451

You are all ready for fall with your pumpkin jammies. And when you have a book, you are the happiest baby ever. Especially if it has animals. You have your moo, woof and baa down!

DSC06473  DSC06479DSC06480DSC06497  DSC06498

We love you, sweet, sweet boy.
DSC06502  DSC06507

Even when you are hanging on your mama because she has your paci!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

What a fun post! It was great seeing you all, Oh how Chisum has grown. Already looking forward to the next time we get to hang out.

Melissa said...

So fun! What a journey, little man. You are so loved and so is your momma and poppa. We were so glad to visit you so close to your big day.