Sunday, May 3, 2009


 DSCI0140 Yesterday, I spent the day with my future relatives branding calves and working cows. I also got to be a lumberjack for the first time. While the guys were bringing in the herd from the north-40 (literally), the girls were all cutting down trees and clearing an area for the lambs to graze. Can you tell they need a little more room! :)DSCI0154

I didn't get any pictures of the lumberjack-girls, but I did get some good ones of branding. Here's my handsome man holding down a steer calf. DSCI0142

Like father, like son…DSCI0145

Heather putting in fly-tags…DSCI0147


Nice jacket…


Good lookin’ Pope boys…DSCI0168

It was a good day. I was the only one to get injured…only stuck myself with a syringe…don’t worry I won’t get pink eye for a while! No, I’m really ok. Great weekend…

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