Tuesday, May 19, 2009

to-do timeline…

Before I start my “to-do timeline”, I just want to say that I’m super jealous of my sis right now…

DSCI0148 …she is in COSTA RICA!! Here is a pic of before she left. She had to make sure she could lift her suitcase over her head before she left. She did. It was pretty heavy too!

Ok back on topic…I decided this morning while getting ready that I needed to figure out a “to-do timeline” for this summer. I am finally done with class!! But now it’s time to really focus.  I was looking at my summer schedule yesterday and it is looking to fill up quite fast, so in order to keep myself accountable to working on my thesis and getting wedding plans done this summer, I am putting my timeline and to-do list on my blog.

End of May:

  • Send out surveys for thesis
  • Figure out house stuff with Ronny (we’re going to buy a house soon!)
  • Get moved…wah wah not looking forward to moving to a house 2 blocks away, but looking forward to meeting new roommates and new friends
  • Get a good handle on lit-review and problem statement for thesis
  • Prepare for survey presentation to 20 farm economists


  • Enter survey data as I get information
  • Go to TX for friend’s wedding…my one summer vaca!
  • Have all of data analyzed and tests run by June 25
  • By end of June, have half of thesis written


  • Enjoy 4th of July at lake in Nebraska
  • Have first draft of thesis completed by July 17


  • GOAL: Finish thesis by August 14 graduation deadline!

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