Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend project #3

Well, this weekend’s project (more like late Sunday night project) was working on our bare walls! I know some of you have been wanting pictures of our new home, but I really want to get some of the walls how I like them before I post a bunch of pictures. :)

So first, we put up a frame that Ronny’s mom made for us, created from a window frame from their old house and has a picture of the ranch and the Pope siblings when they were little. Very creative and memorable.

Next, we hung my cross collection in the stairwell because I liked the angles with the stairwell and the different shaped crosses. I have collected crosses from lots of different places and I like to display them together.

We got these three stars as a wedding present from our good friend, Greg Klenda, who hand makes them from old barn wood. 

Ronny was glad too as he was able to put his new ladder to use. :) Christmas lights next?!

Man, our fridge is busy!!

Hank helped too by lying in the way…DSCI0095

And more ladder use….DSCI0097  And the finished project…DSCI0101

Next weekend project….drywall in the basement bathroom/laundry room!!

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Crystal Young said...

Those barnwood crosses are so cool. What are awesome wedding gift. And I love all your crosses too. I am sure it is beginning to feel more and more like home.