Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a post upcoming about our laundry room/bathroom makeover, but it will have to wait. Some have asked how we are holding out in this blizzard, and I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I should have taken pictures yesterday, but they probably wouldn’t have turned out because it was pure white outside. Thanks to those who were concerned about us!

As you can see, the elderly across the street are snowed in.DSCI0093 DSCI0094 DSCI0095 DSCI0096 Hank seems to like it, but doesn’t venture too far beyond the porch because he doesn’t know how to get around the drifts bigger than him!DSCI0097 DSCI0098 DSCI0099

Makes me ready for Christmas! But not for the upcoming travel I have to do out on the nasty, Nebraska roads. If only all states could take care of their roads like Colorado. :)

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Crystal Young said...

We have a snow day here too! I agree with the road situation. These midwest people just don't know how to get it moved or drive. Stay warm.