Friday, December 18, 2009

Graduation...done forever!


I say that I'm done forever, and my uncle tells me, "You'll continually be learning something." Yes, Uncle Middle, but hopefully I won't have to take a final on it!

Here are some pictures of the graduation ceremony. The doctoral candidates walked first, then the master's. I was actually 6th in line, so it was fun to be at the front for once! It will only get worse now that my last name begins with a "P".

DSC04026 DSC04029 My hubby and I:SONY DSCMy fellow grad students, Robin and Cora, and then one of my committee members, Dr. Vincent.

DSC04044 DSC04054

And of course, my wonderful parents:SONY DSC And can’t forget sister Emily…also, notice my rockin’ purple pumps!! Got double use out of those for two K-State graduations!DSC04051

Thanks to those who helped me celebrate!!

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