Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nebraska should be called the North Pole…

Yes, that says –8 degrees. I should have taken a picture of yesterday’s when it said –14 degrees! I have never seen my truck say a negative degree temperature before moving to Nebraska.

Ok, I need to preface my bitterness with the fact that everyone says, “You’re from Colorado, you should be used to this!” And the answer is, “No, it’s a different cold!” And it’s true. Colorado (where I live on the plains) is very, very dry. So when it snows in Colorado it looks like this:

HORIZONTAL! With little accumulation. And lots of wind. Always wind.  Makes for disappointed kids who want to sled.

But in Nebraska, it dumps:

We’ve had two huge storms with 10-12” each, 4” this weekend and are planning on getting hit tomorrow too. This snow is full of moisture, and when the temperature doesn’t get above freezing (or even above 11 degrees today), the humidity in the air makes it so much colder.

Even yesterday, it was colder in Nebraska than it was in North Dakota! Now my blog friend, Corineah, who lives there will probably vouch that it it colder there right now, but she lived in Lincoln for a while, so she knows what I’m talking about. :) Ronny has been living here for three years and he always told me over the phone how cold it was at 4 a.m. when he was preg-checking cows, but I believe it now!

I’ve always said my favorite season was winter because I love winter clothing and skiing and the brisk air, but I should change my mind to saying that my favorite season is Colorado Winter, not Nebraska Winter! :)

(Disclaimer: even though I’m tired of this coldness and wanted to vent it out, I really do like Nebraska and think it is a great place. :)  )

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Crystal Young said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. I get the, well you are from Canada bit all the time. Well it's a dry cold, and we have snow plows that actually understand what snow removal is! At least you have Ronny to keep you warm ;)