Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Animal welfare

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with an atheist/vegan on Twitter and recorded the conversation on my animal advocacy blog, Ag on the Forefront.

You can click here to read the comments and be sure to share with others factual information about the agriculture industry and how/where are food is produced!

Conversing with a vegan/atheist on animal welfare

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Alicia said...

Hey Kels!

Checked out your ag blogs. I like 'um.... more to read! I'm right there with ya on the ag fight!

- yeah, i've been trying to blog more.... it's a whole new thing, fun though!
- I've always drawn since high school. I've had offers, never sold anything. Mom always had to have my originals... You should see our dining room :).
If you have a red angus pic you really like I can put something together for you if you'd like... Time is no garauntee...Just let me know.
~Sounds like you and ronnie are having fun!!