Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Georgia Aquarium

Here are many pictures of the world’s largest aquarium, located in Atlanta. We (my parents, sister and I) went there while we were visiting my sister. Read about the rest of our adventure here.


Some freshwater fishy:DSCI0049

Yes, that is an albino alligator!DSCI0046

Not the best picture…but these crabs were called Spider Crabs (b/c of their longer legs) and were huge!! About 3-5 feet from side to side!DSCI0052

The coolest part was visiting the Ocean Voyage section that had a tank that was 6.2 million gallons! I loved the tunnel and seeing the fish and sharks swim over!DSCI0064DSCI0066DSCI0068     DSCI0073


To put into perspective just HOW HUGE this place was…this picture is of a whale shark – the largest shark in the world. And they have 4 of them in this tank! They were brought over to the U.S. in big containers (like what are put on tanker ships) that are 40 feet long…one per container!DSCI0101

A ginormous potato grouper:DSCI0078DSCI0088

Tropical fish:
And one of my favorite pictures because of its vastness:DSCI0093


Lindsay said...

for some reason i really want to say..."Shark bait, eww ha ha."

Kelsey J. Pope said...

You and Emily....she said that the whole time!!! And "just keep swimming, just keep swimming". :)