Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Thinking of a word that describes my month prior, the words roller coaster, unpredictable, changeability, ebb and flow, and crazy come to mind. So I settle with unsettledness. (is that statement an oxymoron?) In my post “11 days”, I wrote about my month of September and its busyness – however in actuality, I ended up traveling all but 8 days.

Needless to say, I’m a bit exhausted, but recovering well now that I just get to sit in my office and get all caught up on emails and phone calls. Exciting stuff, I know, but really, I’m thrilled.

After traveling for State Fair, Rapid City, SD, and Husker Harvest Days, and celebrating our anniversary, Ronny and I had to unfortunately travel to Garber, Oklahoma for the funeral of his uncle, Richard Cinnamon, who was killed in a tractor accident. It makes all of my complaining about traveling so trivial. It really demonstrated to me that life is so precious and can be gone in an instant. All of this everyday stuff doesn’t matter, even though enjoying my job is important – and I really do enjoy my job – but I could also stand to change my focus on what I enjoy that matters in life. Also, the best thing to come from funerals is the call to accept Christ into your life. Nothing better demonstrates the reality of death and that you can only live after death through Christ. I hope someone was able to receive Christ through this tragedy.

Even though I’ve already been working on my travel calendar for October and November (which are much lighter than September), Ronny and I are planning time to spend together, going to see a play, heading to a couple of weddings and playing some coed softball (which is 0-2 right now – but we’re having fun!).

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Joe and Cindy said...

Kels, an aching back and black eye from your "recreational" softball game stretches the term FUN?! I told Ronny if he hurts now after a game what until he is 40!!