Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas surprise


No, this is not my puppy. But he is my parent’s, and they surprised us (and Hank) when we arrived in Colorado for Christmas!


Meet Remington (aka Remy), an Akbash puppy! He is the new ranch guard dog (to be) and will be very similar to the Great Pyrenees dogs my family has had in the past – only shorter hair!


Akbash dogs are native to Turkey and are great livestock guardian dogs. Remy’s parents lived with goats and thus thought they were goats, so I’m hoping Remy grows out of that to think he’s the pack leader!


Welcome to the family, Remy!

DSCI0108 - Copy


crystal.cattle said...

He is sooo cute! I haven't heard of this breed before, but my grandparents had a guard dog for their sheep. I love how they think they are part of the flock.


Melissa said...

Oh I could just squeeze him! Was Hank a bit jealous? Hope you had a great time!