Thursday, December 2, 2010

Japan Wrap-up

My trip in Asia trip seems to be speeding right along - we finished up with our meetings and tours in Japan yesterday and jumped on a 4-hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan (which felt very short compared the the 13-hour one!) I've been blogging for the Nebraska Corn Kernels blog and the The Grain Board blog, so you can read more newsy blog posts there about the trip. I'm just going to recap a little with some pictures.

Tommy and Larry enjoying Shabu Shabu Japanese Dinner

The "bullet train" we took to Sendai. Travels ~200 km/hr.
The beautiful Japanese countryside and agriculture as viewed from the bullet train.
The Ishinomaki City port. This ship was unloading corn gluten.

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jplovescotton said...

Is that Tetsuo? I think he works for the grains council now? He used to work with me! Such a small world!