Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food in Asia

This is a picture-packed post, but I wanted to share some of the foods I ate while in Asia. And I did try everything once!

In Japan, we went to a Shabu Shabu restaurant - a "hot pot" style restaurant that is very popular and even becoming more popular in the U.S. The hot pot cooks the meat and vegetables that you put in the pot - one side is original and the other side has hot spices to cook the food in, which I like best!
 This was Japan's version of fried pork, corn and edamame.
 Lamb on fire in Taiwan:
 Frog legs:
 "Drunk chicken" and Taiwan Beer:
 Goose liver, truffles and a baked apple:
 A "boxed" lunch:
 A Japanese grill with literally TEN courses! I was so full.

 Some kind of white fish with asparagus:
 Shrimp and broccoli:
 An oyster soup:
 Salad and fruit:
 Beef and garlic:
 Cooked cabbage:
 Custard dessert:
 Kenny's birthday cake in Taiwan - prettier than it tasted!

Bagged squid in a convenience store:
One BIG cup o' noodle at the convenience store in Japan:
Reminding me of K-State: purple potato pockets: 


A roundtable dinner in China:

Watermelon and sugarcane for dessert:
Apple flavored candy:

Coke in China:
Another "boxed lunch" in Japan - surprisingly, this was the only time we ate rice! They told us it was for common people and since we were guests of the government, they wanted to feed us their best food - like jellyfish and oysters!
I dont' have a picture of the eel we ate, but at this restaurant, they were proudly displayed at the front with the rest of the fish!

 And one of the best foods we had at the end of the trip:

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