Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Christmases 2010

This weekend we finished our Christmas celebrations for the season. We were in Colorado with my family during Christmas, and the Pope family traveled to Nebraska this year to be with us.

In Colorado, we celebrated Christmas Eve with Grams and had the traditional, 5-course Swedish dinner – lutfisk and all! My favorite are always the bruna beans and ostkaka. Christmas Day we spent together at home opening presents, enjoying a large brunch where Dad read the Christmas Story and playing Wii. I think the only time I changed out of my pj’s and got out of the house was to shoot Ryan’s new hand gun (scary btw!)

Here are a few of my favorite Frasier Christmas faces:DSCI0075DSCI0077DSCI0081DSCI0085DSCI0088DSCI0091DSCI0096DSCI0098DSCI0105DSCI0106

Here’s the Pope Family:DSC_0135

During our Pope Family Christmas, we have some fun traditions. We take the yearly family picture (which is fun to compare year to year!), have a walk-through on video in which Ronny usually has a quirky little comment, and then Mama Pope reads the Christmas Story to her grandkids – including the puppies!DSC_0138

The cousins. The little Chihuahua in the back is their “aunt”. SmileDSC_0143

These two – I mean three! – are pretty cute! The pups (Hank on the left and Buster on the right – Ronny’s sister’s dog) are both blue heeler/rat terrier breeds, not a common mix, but both happen to have that breeding.

Grandma Pope was able to be with us, as well as this little guy, Rhett, that you may remember reading about here.

It was a fun Christmas season and feel so blessed to get to see so much family!

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