Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garden Update | October

The garden has changed a lot since September – even in the past two days! Last night we were to have our first big freeze, so I picked as many peppers and cherry tomatoes as possible.

Garden Oct 19 (8)

I can’t believe how many jalapenos those four little plants have produced! I can make some more cowboy candy! And the cherry tomatoes have been to-die-for juicy.
Garden Oct 19 (22)Garden Oct 19 (24)

And look what I found underneath all of those pepper plants!Garden Oct 19 (5)

The gourds have changed a lot also. Started to lighten in color and some have spots. Garden Oct 19 (10)

So after last night’s freeze, this is how the sad little plants looked.

Garden October 20Garden October 20 (2)

I have a few more carrots to dig up and then need to cure the gourds, then can wrap up my harvest report.

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