Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beef Sticky Buns Recipe

This recipe brought me back to my elementary through high school days where Colorado Beef Rolls where the most popular school lunch meal. Basically, they were a cinnamon roll with beef in the inside (instead of cinnamon/sugar) and covered with cheese. So when I saw this recipe for Beef Sticky Buns from the Texas Beef Council, I immediately pinned it on Pinterest.

Source: txbeef.org via Kelsey on Pinterest

This grown-up version of the Colorado Beef Rolls I grew up with were excellent with the combination of beef, spinach, cheese and pizza dough.
Beef sticky bunsBeef sticky buns-2Beef sticky buns-3

I filled my dough up a little too much so the dough had a hard time keeping it all in, but they tasted great regardless!
Beef sticky buns-5

Recipe found here.

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Crystal Cattle said...

I tried a similar recipe on Pinterest a while ago, but with crescent rolls and it didn't turn out quite so well. I might have to give this one a go. Today I blogged about my Pinterest recipes success and failures! They all don't turn out quite as plan. Love the picture of you and Ronny.