Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cattlemen’s Ball

This past weekend I helped coordinate the “Raising Nebraska” tent at the Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska, and got to join in the fun festivities that come along with it. Cattlemen’s Ball is an event that moves around to different ranches each year and raises funds solely for cancer research in Nebraska.

The “Raising Nebraska” tent was all about the “raising” of corn and cattle, and the effect that cattle/feed/fuel have on Nebraska’s vitality and economy. It also tied into our attraction of having a hot air balloon. DSC_0081

So, speaking of the hot air balloon – it was awesome! The weather was rainy all morning so we weren’t sure that we’d even be able to get it aired up. But by dusk, the wind settled down and it turned out to be a beautiful evening! We set this up as an opportunity for Ball goers to go through our tent to learn about Nebraska agriculture, then receive a free tethered, hot air balloon ride.
DSC_0090DSC_0092DSC_0095DSC_0096DSC_0099Freedom balloon at night

I did get to go up in the balloon – even though I wasn’t planning on it and really didn’t want to. {Not a fan of heights}. But they insisted that I jump in, so I did.

I tried to take some pictures from the air, but with the darkness (and my shaky knees) they didn’t turn out. It was an amazing view being up in the balloon and something to cross of the bucket list! I even felt Baby Pope kicking, like “wheeee”! Ronny got to go up as well with another group. It was a pretty great night!

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