Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chisum–5 months

Sweet boy, it’s been so much fun to watch you grow!

Months 1-5

Ronny and I had fun taking Chisum’s pictures this month. Of course, Chisum was all smiles because his Daddy was in the room. He was smiling, laughing and kicking his little heart out…

DSC05271  DSC05272

…until Mommy had to move him.

So it was Daddy to the rescue again to make it all better. DSC05277  DSC05278DSC05280 

Then we decided to show how we can roll over – our new trick!DSC05282  DSC05283DSC05284

Chisum, at 5-months you:

  • Like eating cereal (started on 2/9/14). You didn’t like it when we started earlier, but we changed spoons and you became a fan.
  • Started rolling over from back to front (2/13/14)
  • Helped your Daddy turn 30
  • Love playing patty-cake and row your boat
  • Love bath time


  • Had your first ear infection :(
  • Like sitting at the table with Mom and Dad in your new high chair

20140213_182231  20140212_180651

Just a happy little guy! We are so blessed that God trusted us to raise you. We thank Him for you every day and are loving every moment. We love you.

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