Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chisum–8 months

Chisum, your little personality is just bursting with joy, tenderness, a touch of orneriness and just pure boy.

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At 8 months old, you are:

A little charmer and love muffin. You can catch any woman’s attention and love to grin at them. You truly just love to cuddle with anyone, hug and give your mama big, wet kisses.

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20140512_073452 (1)I got to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day with you. We enjoyed the day with Nana and Papa Joe, then brunch with the Bailey and Riley families. The next day at daycare, we got to have “Muffins with Mom” – it was our first date!

You’ve discovered your tongue and realized how to “brrrrr” your lips to make car noises while playing with your cars and truck. Seriously, this how do boys just know how to do this!?


You’ve been crawling/scooting for a good month and have mastered the “downward dog” pose.

You started really crawling one hand/knee forward motion after another in Kansas City with mama and Nana (May 20-23). Once you got home, you gave your mama an ornery look, then turned and crawled all the way from your room to the living room.


Your bottom two teeth came in…both at the same time! Now you’re working on your top two.

An ornery little love.
DSC05575  DSC05593

You’re starting to each more solid foods. And you’ve decided you’d much rather feed yourself than have mama or dad feed you with the spoon. Besides your pureed baby foods, you tried your first chicken and beef.

You’re such a joy, we love you!
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