Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty Swap, purple-style!

I participated again in the #ccbeautyswap with Crystal Cattle and got paired up with the lovely Anna Wastell. She is a born & raised Kansas girl, but is now a Nebraskan lifer and ag gal so we had a lot to chat about. Regardless of her love for Nebraska and all things red, she sent me some awesome beauty products in the purple-theme!


I’ve already dug into my fun stuff, using the hairbands, loofa and eye shadow. Oh and she had some awesome grape-lemonade gum that I took with me on travel last week and it’s pretty much gone. :) I also received some flat iron spray, plum lip gloss and sparkly purple nail polish that will be great for summer (and footballs season!). Thanks, Anna!

This was my second beauty swap and I’ve really enjoyed the friendships and connections I’ve been able to share with these ladies. Since Anna lives so close, hopefully we can meet in person sometime soon!

Read about my winter beauty swap and go check out Crystal Cattle’s blog and Twitter {@crystalcattle} to find out about the next beauty swap.


Crystal Cattle said...

I love that even though she bleeds red she still sent you purple stuff! I love those "fancy" hair ties. I have some and when they end up around my wrist they still look good!

CCC said...

I love that flat iron spray!

Jennifer Dewey Rohrich said...

How fun! Love the purple themed idea!! :)