Monday, June 2, 2014

Captain Chisum’s Chariot

Chisum has earned the nickname, “Captain” from his Nana and Papa Joe. Thus, the grandparents thought the little Captain needed a chariot!DSC05668

I had talked about how a bike trailer would be a lot of fun, and when mom found one at a consignment store, I told her to grab it. On Memorial Day, Ronny got the chariot all hooked up to my bike and we took it for a spin around the cemetery to see all of the flags.

Hank was just as (or more!) excited than Captain!DSC05670


It was fun and Hank was tired! We will be trying the trail, next!


Sandy said...

yay! we LOVE our bike trailor...and funny enough the brand is actually called "chariot" you are a trend setter! Hope you all get to use it a lot -- I'm sure he loves it!!


Melissa said...

That's awesome! I wish we had a way of riding bikes around our house...ahhh such is country life I guess.