Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chisum–10 months

Chisum turned 10 months old while we were on vacation to Cape Cod. Life has been fast-paced ever since, and we’ll soon be looking at 11 months, then one year – what a fast year!

DSC05985 - Copy

Getting a monthly picture on the quilt is getting a little more difficult! But you can see how much he’s grown, especially from 1 month. He’s a tall boy!
  DSC05983DSC05984  DSC05987

Chisum at 10 months, you are:

Crawling all over the place! The ladies at daycare say that you are super fast and whenever you see an open door, you take off. You love crawling from your room to the bathroom because there are so many doors to open, and you are like lightening speed that you beat me there every time.

You love spending time with family!

DSC05863  DSC05879DSC05865  20140704_121503[1]

You are eating just about anything we give you. And usually only what you can feed yourself – spoons are for babies! You love love love cottage cheese, and eat veggies, fruits, pasta, deli meat, Cheerios and oatmeal.  

You had a doctor’s appointment this month because you weren’t feeling very good (only a sore throat), but you weighed 24.2 pounds.

You are pretty entertaining!

We love you!
20140621_161815[1]  DSC05893DSC05939
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Melissa said...

Haha, silly boy! It's like he is saying, "What's the big deal about a lemon?" SO cute!