Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chisum–11 months

Our precious boy had a busy month as an 11 month old.DSC06219 - Copy

The most significant thing this month was that Chisum started walking! (Being so fast on the move makes it really hard to get clear pictures!)


(This is for Great Grandma Pope, Hope you enjoy the pictures and video!)

We visited Grandpa and Grandma Cinnamon and the rest of the Cinnamon clan in Oklahoma for the family reunion.

DSC05999  DSC06002

We celebrated cousin Kate’s 2nd birthday in Hays, KS with the family and got to swim on the hot, summer day!

DSC06098  DSC06101
DSC06106  DSC06116DSC06120  DSC06125

Chisum loves to eat! He thought eating corn on the cob was pretty great. He is eating pretty much everything we are, but a few of his favorites are deli meat, cottage cheese, beans, peas and watermelon. Lots and lots of watermelon!DSC06129

Chisum had his first haircut!


We got to play with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Bailey in Lincoln when we went shopping for a new sewing machine.

DSC06164  DSC06172

We went to the zoo with Morris and Patricia.

DSC06175  DSC06186

Went to our first Nebraska State Fair! I was working, so Ronny and Chisum met me there. He enjoyed celebrating with our friend, Doug, who just retired from the State Fair Board, seeing all of the animals and seeing our brand in the Barn Bar.

 DSC06189  DSC06190DSC06193  DSC06196

We love you, sweet boy!