Monday, March 30, 2009

a bittersweet weekend…

This weekend hit both ends of the spectrum for me. The “sweet” part was getting to do hair for my friend, Brandi’s wedding. Playing with hair and doing up-do’s is a fun hobby of mine, and this is the second wedding I’ve done. The wedding was very nice, and despite all the snow and ice, around 400 people showed up!! It was a fun reunion of friends I haven’t seen in a while.


Ronny and I at the reception.

I also have been playing around with  my camera and made this panoramic picture with Ronny and his new grill-guard!

Ronny truck panoramic

The “bitter” part of the weekend was 3 deaths that occurred back home in Colorado. On Friday, my Pastor and his daughter passed away after a car accident because of the blizzard. Rick had just gotten well after being in the hospital for over a month with an infection in his foot while battling with his diabetes and kidney failure. What a glorious day it was when he came home from the hospital, especially with his foot still attached! It is just such a sad thing that he battled so hard to get well, then his life, along with his daughter Bethany’s, were so quickly taken from them. They were such great people and it makes us wonder why God takes good people from us, but we must live on the reality that God has a plan for all of us and we must trust Him. Rick was going to marry Ronny and I in September.

The other death is of a friend’s dad. I co-coach Andrea to be a National FFA Officer in the fall and got to know her very well. She is a Colorado native, but make an excellent decision to come to K-State. :) I also got to meet her parents, who were such inspirations to her. Unfortunately, Andrea didn’t get a national office, but we all ensured her that God had a plan for her life, and this was not it. But we didn’t see this coming either. Saturday, I got a call from my co-coach, Sharita, that Andrea’s dad, Steve, had a heartattack and had been flight-for-life’d to Denver, but didn’t make it through the flight.

My heart really aches for the family of Rick & Bethany and Steve. Please keep Melanie, Amanda, Bo & Heather, Lucas, Susan, Andrea & Tucker and Angela in your prayers.

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