Sunday, February 28, 2010

a little sewing work…

Since getting my sewing machine for my birthday, I’ve been having fun doing little room improvement projects.

First, I couldn’t find euro sized pillowcases that I liked, so I found some light green fabric that matched our bedspread. To make a pattern, I looked at some other removable pillowcases, measured, cut and sewed.


I even added a little gold trim to match the bedding.DSCI0167

I thought they turned out really well!DSCI0172  

But then decided that I needed a decorative pillow. So I did a little bit of fabric piecing work and did this…


Next onto the living room. I have a combination of color schemes for our living room, which include our chocolate brown couches, the rust-colored curtains that match my Red Angus cowhide, turquoise, green and goldish tan. I wanted to combine all these colors with decorative pillows and I found a picture of pillows that I liked. So again, I measured, cut and pieced the fabric.DSCI0001DSCI0002

I then stuffed and sewed shut. Here are the finished products:  DSCI0002 (2) 

And if I need a change, I’ll just flip ‘em over:  DSCI0004   DSCI0007

Next project: finishing my quilted runner! Update to come!

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Mom said...

Wow! Kelsey, are you taking orders? Those are really nice! Glad you are enjoying that sewing machine! Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Very impressed!! Your bed spread is soooo perdy!

Crystal Young said...

Kelsey, your pillows are awesome! i love the ones on your couch. The reservable idea was great!

Mandy said...

You are so good at everything you do Kelsey!! Those all looked beautiful and I would have paid big bucks to have them in my house!

Anonymous said...

Love your sewing! Found your blog through your comment on Pioneer Woman's blog. Have you shared the Pork, Beans and Apple Pie recipe anywhere that I can find it? It sounds wonderful.
Sal's Girl