Monday, February 22, 2010

Sisters Weekend…

I love my sister.


Last weekend was Siblings Weekend for Kappa Alpha Theta, my sister and I's sorority at K-State. It was so fun to get to spend the day with Miss Em.

We ate pizza at the house, then went putt-putt golfing (indoors of course!) and played in the arcade…I don’t even remember the last time I played arcade games! We played skee-ball, and raced Mario Kart and then even had a Guitar-Hero arcade game…crazy!

Then we met up with Miss Caitlin, our cousin, and went to the men’s basketball game against CU. And they won. Of course. Nothing’s better than K-State beating CU from a Colorado girl’s perspective. But now that I’m from Nebraska, I also love when they beat Nebraska, which they did.

That night, we made the trek to Longhorns in Aggieville. A time-honored tradition for this family. 

It was a great time…thanks for including us in the fun, Em!

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