Sunday, March 14, 2010

One-year old...Go Green!

A year ago I started my blog. I wasn't really sure what it would turn into, but it has been a great outlet for me to share photos and stories with my family in other states.

It's also been a great venue to share my love for agriculture, and since it's National Ag Week (March 14-20) with National Ag Day being March 20 and coincidently the week of St. Patty's day, I wanted to highlight some reasons to sport your GREEN during March to show thanks and appreciation for all our farmers and ranchers. Here are some reasons (thanks to why agriculture is critical to everyone:

•We all eat - yes big and small, young and old we all need food for fuel!
•Agriculture touches all of us on the planet.
•A strong agricultural economy provides jobs for many.
•It is more than farming..agriculture involves marketing, management, food science, banking, finance, biofuels, forestry, architecture, processing, research, engineering, legislation, education and much more!
•Agriculture demands increase with world population growth, and the U.S. can help meet the demands!

For more information on how to celebrate and why, please visit for more details, information and resources.

Go Green for Agriculture! I will be wearing green all week!

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