Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventure to the Midget Races

Ronny and I did something adventurous yesterday. Usually we are planners and know what we’re doing before we just take off – but not for this! We just grabbed a change of clothes and headed down the road – with Hank of course!

Our friend, Mike, who now is in grad school at Purdue but was Ronny’s roommate in college, was home for the weekend in Belleville, KS (about 1 hour 20 minutes from our place) and this weekend was the Midget Nationals! It is a pretty cool track (picture below from website) and Belleville is famous for it. It is a historic dirt track built in 1910 for racing events that encompass everything from horses to motorcycles. It has the title “World's Fastest Half Mile Dirt Track”. There’s your trivia for the day!

The Midget Nationals is a race for small racecars – basically glorified go-carts…just don’t tell them I called them that! But they go way FAST! DSCI0021DSCI0013

We thought we were cool to get third row seats, when in fact, those are the bad seats! When the cars go around the curve, they throw mud, dirt and dust right into the crowd. But that just made the experience more fun! DSCI0014

I was excited for the white car you can see below because it is an E85 car – run by 85% Ethanol. DSCI0017

The qualifying runs were eight laps around the track, but the final run was 40 laps. This was the lineup before the finals.DSCI0019

Overall, it was a fun adventure, a great time to see Mike (I forgot to get a picture of him and Ronny!) and a couple other college friends, and enjoy something I’ve never been to before. :)

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Anonymous said...

it is fun for some unexpected things from time to time :) I'm bad about planning.