Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the road again…

Part of my summer work has been consumed by promoting Nebraska corn at county fair parades and other festivals. Several of my board members and other corn growers have taken it to their own parades, but when none of them can, I hit the road!Sarpy County Fair Parade (11)

The messages on the trailer about how Nebraska corn farmers are growing more with less and sustaining innovation. Sarpy County Fair Parade (2) Sarpy County Fair Parade (10)

Some of these little parades have the cutest things…like these little old men and all their tractors! Sarpy County Fair Parade (4)Or weird things like these:
Sarpy County Fair Parade (7)Sarpy County Fair Parade (6) 

And sometimes my hubby goes with me. He’s thrilled, but I appreciate the company! Sarpy County Fair Parade (3)

Next year, I think I’ll make a corn costume for Hank and make him the official corndog. He loves corn. :)DSCI0040

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