Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reaction to the Oprah show

Oprah’s show on modern agriculture and going vegan wasn’t as bad as I expected, featuring Michael Pollan, Kathy Freston and Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, Manager of Cargill’s Fort Morgan Plant.

Though there were some falsifications and misconceptions thrown around about meat production, they did show the real side of meat production, and I appreciated Cargill opening their doors to show what really happens in a the processing facility.  This was graphic and the talk on twitter was that many people were turning vegan immediately. However, I’m sure a lot of them will get over the shock, realize that is how life is, and enjoy their hamburger tonight.

I posted specific quotes that were mentioned from the show yesterday on my Ag on the Forefront blog.

The best quote of the show: "My family has a dairy, so going vegan affects our livelihood." – Oprah's senior supervising producer Jill VanLokeren It was great that VanLokeren expressed the concern about how a vegan lifestyle affects her family’s livelihood. Kathy Freston later took her to Whole Foods to learn about food she could buy. She may change some of her eating habits, but she wanted them to know she was not going all vegan because of the dairy in her family.

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Oh, and this is what Hank thinks of going vegan.

What was your take on the show?

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Mandy said...

I tried a vegetarian diet for one day and I hated it. I need that protein!!!

How are the Egypt riots affecting Kansas and Nebraska? Eastern WA sells wheat to Egypt so the farmers here are worried that they may lose business now. :(