Monday, June 6, 2011

A summer bath

This starts out as a sad story – Ronny and I had to be separated from our child (aka the hairy one we call “Hank”) for three weeks. This was because we were traveling a lot to California and for work reasons, so he enjoyed life at Grandma and Grandpa Pope’s and became a farm dog.

Hank really liked life as a farm dog and probably didn’t miss us, but we sure missed him and our house was pretty quiet around without him. So coming back from Manhattan this weekend, we finally got to bring him home. But being he was a farm dog for three weeks meant he was pretty dirty – and the possibility of ticks scared me away from giving him a bath inside.

Since it was nice and hot outside (don't mind the forest we call our lawn) …

 ...we bathed him in a tub with a hose and lots of shampoo.

He stood like that with two paws up all on his own.

And we found eight of these gross ticks...

But the two little old men were happy when it was all done and enjoyed the summer evening at home.

Thank you again to the Pope's for taking care of him!

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Crystal Cattle said...

Hank reminds me of the book Hank the Cowdog!