Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harvest has begun…

…in my garden at least.

Since the last garden update from this…Garden May 18 (5)

…to this – it has changed a little bit!

Maybe what’s even more wild to look at is from the date of planting until now. DSCI0048DSCI0081

I’ve only harvested broccoli - about 2 quarts worth - not all is pictured. DSCI0095Broccoli june 10broccoli june 19

The zucchini are really close as well…

And the tomatoes are turning red…DSCI0078

The carrots have long stems and the peppers are blooming…DSCI0076DSCI0079

And the digmaster is being a good watchdog by keeping the birds away and NOT digging…so proud.DSCI0080

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Megan said...

I don't keep a garden myself but I love to watch my sister's grow. Yours looks to be a good shouldn't get overrun with produce at any one time.