Thursday, August 25, 2011

Long-awaited furniture

I started shopping for a china hutch after Ronny and I got married (almost two years ago – amazing to think it’s been two years since we’ve gotten married!). Anyways, I knew exactly what I was looking for and wanting, but just could never find exactly the right one. But this summer, I found “The One”. I wanted it more modern, with a buffet server, plenty of storage space in the server, lights, glass on the sides, and legs on the bottom – not too high though. Picky enough? Ronny was proud of me for knowing what I wanted and not being indecisive – which I can sometimes be.

So I got this beaut in the middle of July (after I had to rush home to meet the delivery guys and got pulled over…another story another time!) – however – the glass was not installed correctly, and the furniture store had to order a new part.

Which took forever… then the service guy had to come out and fix it, meaning I couldn’t put anything in the top of the hutch until it was fixed. But it got fixed last week and I was finally able to pull out my china and crystal we received for our wedding to display = one happy wifey who gets to see her china + one happy hubby who gets to see the pile of boxes disappear from the basement.

china hutch 1china hutch 2

My kitchen is finally looking more finished.