Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Update | August

The garden is ever changing.Garden Aug 16 (24)

Looks a little different from last month.

We had to take out the zucchini plants as they were done producing and started to rot at the base. But that was fine because it made room for the populous gourd plant vines! They are truly taking over – even more than the zucchini plants were!

But what’s exciting with the vines taking over…..are baby gourds! Garden Aug 16 (9)

I received these gourd seeds after attending an Ag Sunday with the Lutheran Church, and they gave us unmarked packages of seeds. So with a little Google search, I figured out the seeds were gourds – but still wasn’t sure what kind they were. I am loving the shape they are though!Garden Aug 16 (19)

What is disappointing are the tomatoes. They have pretty nice vines, but no fruit.Garden Aug 16 (8)

But the ever-growing gourds make up for it. Tonight, Ronny told me to look behind our lot at the other side of our fence…
Garden Aug 16 (11)Garden Aug 16 (14)

This really makes gives me a chuckle – especially since Ronny has worked so hard to keep them in our yard – they just have a mind of their own! And little baby gourds that are producing outside of the fence!Garden Aug 16 (15)

The peppers are doing really well also. I have lots and lots of mini-peppers starting, and I have harvested about 45. These are just from the most recent haul – and they are hot!
Garden Aug 16 (4)Garden Aug 16 (21)

We’ll see what another month brings!

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Melissa said...

Oh if only I could just GIVE you my tomatoes, they are overtaking my garden, really! I'll be sure to give you some salsa and pasta sauce at the wedding from our tomatoes.