Monday, November 28, 2011

A Thankful Week

We were blessed to be able to spend some extra time in Colorado for Thanksgiving this year. Since I’ve gotten married, I’ve only been able to spend short weekends here and there at home. Six days was much needed.

As planned, we:

1. Worked cattle. I was the vaccinator!


It got really smoky with the branding and I eventually put on a mask.

And Ronny got to do some branding. In Colorado, it is state law to brand the cattle as a form of identification and required at point of sale.

It was warm enough after working cattle that we ate lunch outside. Pretty rare for this time of year! And Hank serenaded Emily for our after-dinner entertainment.

2. Ate a great Thanksgiving meal!

3. Took a much-needed walk.


4. Saw some great Colorado sunsets.


5. Crafted….pictures to come!

I also spent some great time lounging with my sister and sister-in-law while the guys shot guns. I didn’t join them this time. :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing to you and your family!

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