Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garmin–a new incentive to run

For Christmas, I asked for and received a Garmin Forerunner 210 watch. It is a GPS-enabled sport watch that has a premium heart rate monitor that I strap around my ribcage.

What is so cool about this GPS running watch is that it calculates my time, distance, pace, elevation change, heart rate and calories that I burn. I borrowed my friend, Shelley’s, for the Lincoln State Farm 5K and it was great to keep track of my splits and know how consistent I was.

What is even better about this is that I can now track all of my usual running routes here in town and know exactly how far I’ve been running, my elevation change, and the exact distance. Then I can plug it into my computer and upload all of my info to GarminConnect.com. Even my walks with Hank are fun to track. Here is my normal 2.5 mile running route:

For any runner that doesn’t have a GPS, I’ve been using www.runningahead.com – which is a great site to help you put together a running route or map out where you ran.

I’m excited to run in some new races this year and try out my Garmin! Thanks again, Mom & Dad!


Melissa said...

Oh those are lovely! I want one too! I've been using MapMyRun on my iPhone which seems to work great except it doesn't have the heart rate thing so I don't know how accurate it is on my calories. Go running buddy!

Home on the Range Exchange said...

Fun, Im not too techy or into running, but it looks handy. Keep up the good work!

heartratewatchcompany said...

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