Sunday, January 8, 2012

A mustache story

Cotton Bowl-19Before Thanksgiving, Ronny started growing a mustache. It really wasn’t purposeful – mostly that he just was too busy with work to shave his face.

But because the rest of the hair on his face grows in patchy (except his neck beard…but that is gross on any man), he decided to see how long he could stand his mustache. Didn’t talk that one over with the wife, but I played along for awhile.

He had to show it off first at Thanksgiving, then keep it long enough to show his older brothers during Christmas, then show his friends on New Year’s, then keep it through the Cotton Bowl.

We did have some fun with it, however. It’s funny the things two people can do when they are alone on Christmas Day with nothing to do – let’s take some old-fashioned pictures! So, here is Grandpa Pope and Grandma Frasier (as Ronny named us):
Old time photo (1 of 1)-6

We had too much fun making that one.

Some of our friends joked that he was just trying to keep up with his dog. Hank happens to have a new vest just like his father (I will blog on that later)…so we took father-son pictures before I convinced him, er… I mean, he finally decided to shave it off.



Don’t worry, Keith Stone – you’re still smooth. Literally!


Megan said...

The old-fashioned photo is awesome...the mustache really did change his look. Glad he's back to his modern-day look!

Melissa said...

I love it! I wondered from your pics from the Cotton Bowl if there was some sort of contest he was doing...hee hee! Todd finally shaved off his beard too that he'd been working on since Thanksgiving and I sadly didn't even notice (that is weird!). Happy week to the Pope family!

Alicia said...

love that old fashioned photo! I'm catching up on all my blog reading & this one is fun!