Monday, January 2, 2012

Seasons of 2011

2011 was a great year for us and we feel so blessed for the opportunities we were able to have and everything we accomplished.

In the spring, I was able to speak at the CLA’s Marshall Frasier Beef Symposium in honor of my Gramps in Colorado and travel to New Orleans and Tampa, FL for work.  We ran a 5K in Lincoln, 10K in Manhattan and the BoulderBOLDER 10K in Colorado. In May, we traveled to California to a friend's wedding in the Redding area and visited Kelsey's grad school friend in the Sacramento area. We had the chance to travel through Napa Valley and wine taste along the way - amazing!

In the summer, we had way too much fun growing our garden, playing with our dog, Hank and I traveled to Japan to promote U.S. beef.

In the fall, we traveled to Texas to visit Ronny's Grandma Polly.  Made several trips to both of our parents' homes in Kansas and Colorado, where a little cattle work was involved. Ronny was in “full swing” of golfing and we celebrated two years of marriage.

In the winter, I worked on several quilting & sewing projects, we spent Thanksgiving in Colorado and did a few DIY projects. We also enjoyed a K-State football game and Ronny flew over our house.


We are so excited for 2012 and what is ahead. We are heading to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to watch K-State beat Arkansas, looking forward to some fun trips with friends, more quilting projects and 10K races. Most of all - spending more time together and with Hank!

Happy 2012!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

My mom is headed to the Cotton Bowl as well!

doublehphoto said...

Enjoying reading through your blog tonight. Looks like you had a great 2011!