Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Garden

The garden is a little bit more out of control since July. But Ronny has had enough and will be “cutting it back” soon. These are his words for pretty much taking it all out! At this point, I don’t care. :)DSC04342

We’ve been enjoying lots of cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes and cucumbers. DSC04344

Our pumpkins are finally matured and the vines are starting to die off. Notice our one stalk of corn in there? Yes, that was Ronny’s project!

We got four pumpkins out of the deal this year – one ginormous one!DSC04339

And this one grew into the wire cage which made for some interesting markings.DSC04340

Ronny harvested them last night. And decided to proudly display them on our front porch. I did remind him it is still August, but he thought it was close enough to fall to display. Oh goodness. :)
photo (2)image_2

And we both had to display our prize “punkins”.

Lastly, Hank was thrilled with the sweet corn harvest – a raw ear of sweet corn is his favorite treat!

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

The picture of your "pumpkins" cracked me up!