Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A wildcat family weekend

This past weekend, Ronny and I traveled to Colorado for the K-State vs. CU football game, and the Frasier Family Reunion. Whenever there is a football game in Boulder, our family tries to get together at the family's dairy farm....I should say, the dairy farm my Great Grandpa Elmer owned, which is now in the middle of Boulder and doesn't resemble a farm at all! What is now on that old farm is a retirement home, condos, a shopping center, a church, a school, and a park with a pond. You can see some of the buildings in the background of the family pictures. Above is pictured the entire family that was able to be present.

My Great Grandpa was a true businessman and saw the potential of that farm to someday be valuable property - now Frasier Meadows. Most of our family are K-State fans, so it made for an easy excuse to get together at the K-State vs. CU games at Frasier Meadows. Now that CU has left the Big 12, we're going to have to come up with another good excuse to get together on the family property.

We also took a few immediate family pictures as the photographer was so gracious to take time and have fun with us. The photographer was Cheryl from Lifetime in Focus as I need to credit her for the photos.
This one, by far, was the most fun!


Nicole said...

It's kind of sad to think the family farm is gone like that. Happens more than we all think :(. Btw Those are cute pictures!!

Kelsey J. Pope said...

@Nichole - thanks! We had fun taking them. I should have addressed that this wasn't the "family farm" per say. My great grandpa bought the farm as a business opportunity he saw to someday be a good investment. The family farms still exist in Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado. :)

Craig & Patricia Betzold said...

Wow..Ronny has some ups!!! Love the pictures :D

Nichole said...

Great pictures of your family! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and a great time in Japan.