Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christmas in May

My Christmas present arrived today! No, it wasn't lost in the mail, I was just indecisive on my IOU gift from my parents, so this is the little gem that I got!  
It is a Bosch Compact mixer! And it came with these attachments...

...a blender and slicer attachment. Plus this adorable little ice cream maker attachment!

The thing is, I grew up with a Bosch mixer and just got used to it. I wasn't too keen on getting a large and heavy Kitchen-Aid mixer (even though I love all the colors they come in!) but most of all, really can't stand the stainless steel bowls (I'm a texture freak). So I got this smaller, lighter and PLASTIC bowl mixer.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad, and I promise to whip out some breads and batches of cookies next time you are here!

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