Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project Pillowcase

This is my second year to be involved with Project Pillowcase.

Last year, I made eight sweet little dresses, made from pillowcases, to send to the Philippines. The Rescue Ministries have been taking over clothing to children that live in the dump site and on the streets that do not have clothing and daily needs. I believe this is an awesome ministry and I'm glad I can help just a little bit by using my sewing hobby to help.

This year, my goal was to make more than eight, so when I got to twelve and my fingers were sore from handling all of the fabric, I sent them out the door!

I think my favorites ended up being the rainbow one (from some kid bedding, but super cute for a dress!) and the K-State purple one. :) I bought all of the pillowcases from our local thrift store for 25 cents each, and have been acquiring the elastic and ribbon needed for the past few months. So for those interested in the project next year, it's inexpensive and well worth the effort.

Please join me in praying for these dresses as they travel half-way around the world to little girls who desperately need them, and need Jesus' love, as well as the people that will be sharing that with them.


Nicole said...

That is such a great cause you are making them for and they are stinking cute to boot!

Suzanne's CommonGround said...

Is there a pattern to follow? This is something we could use for a Sunday School project.

Kelsey Pope said...

Thanks Nicole!

Suzanne, you can go to this link for the pattern & tutorial. Instead of bias tape, I used the top of the pillowcase that I cut off to make my own bias seam. Email me with any further questions! http://www.jenleheny.com/pillowcase-dress-instructions/

Alicia said...

I love this cause & what a great inexpensive idea to help little ones!!! :)